A bit about me

Like the great American poets Walt Whitman and Mariah Carey, I come from Huntington, NY. As with many from Long Island, I made my way north to Upstate New York for college – in my case, to Skidmore College. To my own surprise, I spent most of my post-college life living overseas – most notably (and longest) in Sweden, where I eventually acquired a second citizenship. While in Sweden I also got a master’s degree at Lund University. I’ve also lived for extended periods of time in Germany, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

Much of my time abroad I’ve spent dabbling in foreign languages. This represents a rather large shift for me, as during my high school and college days I was quite similar in outlook to this patriotic young American. After all this time dabbling, I’ve gotten adequately competent in Swedish. My German, after about ten years of disuse, has become quite atrophied. However, I am currently trying to revive it – mostly by watching dubbed versions of American TV shows I enjoyed as a teen. Unfortunately, despite living in Seoul for a year, even getting weekly tutoring sessions, I never managed to become conversational in Korean. And now after more than five years away, my meager abilities have all but disappeared. That said, I hope one day to return to Korean, and actually make real, sustained progress. As I'm in the process of moving to Denmark, I will soon start learning Danish - which means the resurrection of my German will be put on hold for the time being.

Beyond language learning, I spend a lot of time reading. I try to read broadly, though I tend to stick to non-fiction. Of novelists, however, my favorite author is Haruki Murakami. I am an avid, albeit mediocre, chess player. I also like to juggle, but I'm not particularly talented at it either.

I asked my partner what else was interesting and worth mentioning about myself. After some initial laughter, she said that I'm a 'pretty average dude'.